Bleaching Knots on Lace Closure

Most of the products used can be found at your local beauty store.

A bowl and brush to mix powder and developer together. BW 2 powder lightener and 30 or 40 developer, i used the developer by Clairol. A repair and moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to wash when your done bleaching your knots.


One packet of bleach is good when bleaching a closure or frontal. You want to pour your developer in little by little and mix until the mixture has a thick consistency. 

Once your mixture is of a thick consistency, similar to cake batter but not too thick. Lightly brush the mixture on to your closure using light to medium pressure.

Placing foil over your closure on top of the bleach will help with processing it a little faster. Let it sit for 15-25 mins. Make sure to watch it so your knots don't over process and become too light.

Wash your lace on the closure. Be sure to comb through starting from the ends to the roots while conditioning.

Raw hair strives on moisture and can dry out. After your closure is washed, place a light diluted leave-in mixture with water on your closure and let it air dry.

Enjoy that blend queen! Go out and give a natural looking slay!

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