• U Part Wigs- are ideal for those who are wanting to transition from a traditional sew-in to a wig but are not quite ready to wear a closure or a frontal. Upart wigs do require for a small amount of natural leave out to cover the top of the wig. If you are transitioning from relaxed to natural hair and you desire a full protective style, a lace closure is ideal.

  • Closure Wig- are ideal for first time wig wears and advance who desire a full protective style. Closure wigs are simple to install at home or can be installed by a professional at the salon. They are low maintenance and may be worn with or without adhesive.

  • Frontal Wigs- are ideal for advanced unit wears. They may be worn with or without adhesive. However, for the best look of a natural laid frontal. We suggest using adhesive. Frontals do require a lot of maintenance both at home and in the salon. Frontals are NOT ideal for every client or customer. Be sure to do a consultation with your stylist or wig maker prior to making a purchase.